Revelations of Ayahuasca

For several weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about my recent Ayahuasca experience. Then I realized that my journey was created by my unconscious mind to speak to my conscious mind. So if I described my journey to you in detail, it might not even make sense to you – since my journey was made up of abstract images and feelings designed to communicate specifically with myself.

So instead, I’ll try to describe the lessons I gained from my experience.

The biggest realization was that I barely take notice of my body at all – I spend all my time “in my head”.

Don’t we all? Even our language is designed this way. When my head hurts, I say that “I have a headache” – as if my existence is in my head, but when my foot hurts I simply say my foot hurts. I don’t say “I have a foot-ache” – because I view my foot as separate from “me“.

I equate my existence with my head, and my body is this thing that carries my head around. But now, under the influence of Ayahuasca, my body had my full attention.

I don’t know if you have ever experienced what it feels like to move your consciousness around your body. Right now, how does your little toe feel? Actually try to feel your sock, or shoe, or the floor, whatever is touching your little toe, try to feel it. How does it feel pressed up against your little toe, or how does your little toe feel pressed up against your other toes?

During my Ayahuasca experience, my body got my attention by giving me the feeling of a full body orgasm every time I thanked or acknowledged a body part. I started by recognizing and thanking my big toe for being there for me, and BOOM! It felt like I was experiencing a full body orgasm through my big toe!
It was deep, intense, and lasted for about a minute!

That Was Nice, Let’s Try It Again…

So, naturally, I started thanking my other toes – each time being rewarded with another full body orgasm that seemed to flow through that toe!

By the time I got to my fourth toe, I realized that I had spent so little time thinking about this toe that I didn’t even know what to call it. I mean, of course I knew it existed; I see it every time I shower, and when I dry myself off, or put on socks… but I had never actually acknowledged this toe enough to name it.
As soon as I realized this, I experienced ANOTHER full body orgasm that flowed through that toe.
I still don’t have a name for that toe, but I definitely know it exists now!

Since Ayahuasca makes you vomit, I started to hear a LOT of vomiting in the room around me as the others on this retreat were all being sick, and now my stomach started feeling a bit sick. I wondered if I would puke too, and then I told myself that I should acknowledge my stomach instead of fighting it. Stop treating your stomach as if it is separate from you, or unreasonable.

I started talking to myself, or my stomach, and basically said:

If you really need to vomit, that’s ok. I have a bag right here, and I’m ready to do that. However, what is in you is medicine, and it is not dangerous. I would prefer to keep it in, but if you really want it out, let’s get it out now.

Instantly, my sickness faded away, and I didn’t even feel the slightest bit sick for the rest of my experience!

It was at this point that my journey really became abstract. I may refer to the voice as “he” or even “I” but it was always clearly just me talking to myself. You know when you have amazing “revelations”, and it’s just you realizing something? That’s what this was like. There were no “aliens” or “spirits” or even another person on this journey. The only way I can explain it that my own subconscious mind was speaking directly to my conscious mind. I was completely aware and felt awake, and I could open my eyes at any time as well. I never once felt “lost” or “taken away” but rather, I simply felt “inspired” as if my brain was working at 100% capacity for the first time in my life.

So my dialogue with my subconscious continued, and so did my realizations:

Our bodies try to communicate with us all the time. First they will send us a small ache or pain, trying to bring our conscious awareness to a particular problem.

If we still ignore the warning, then that pain will get bigger. So maybe we take a painkiller to silence this message.

That’s when we can develop a chronic condition like arthritis, or high blood pressure, or even cancer. This is what my body was telling me!

We don’t OWN our bodies. Our bodies have agreed to serve our consciousness for our lifetime together. But if we don’t take care of our body, or if we don’t listen to it’s warning signs, then our bodies will get sick, and will eventually die – terminating their agreement to serve us. I mean would you want to stick around with someone who just abused you all the time? Eventually death would seem like the best option.

Life Is A Series Of Agreements

But wait. If life is a series of agreements, does that mean that everyone who gets cancer “deserves” it because they didn’t listen to their bodies? Or what about every child born with a disability…? Is that their fault? Is it their choice in some way?

Well, no. Sometimes SOMEONE ELSE is breaking their agreement so drastically that they damage the environment. Then your body takes in, for example, poisoned water; and slowly you develop cancer because – of someone else’s actions.

Sometimes a woman who is pregnant is exposed to environmental toxins (physical or emotional) that disrupt the development of the baby in her womb – and so her baby is born with some deformity or disability.

This is us suffering the consequences of someone else’s actions, because again: Life is a series of agreements.

We have all agreed to live on this planet, to live with the limitations of our human bodies, and to obey the physical laws of the universe we exist in. So unfortunately, even if SOMEONE ELSE violates those laws, we may have to suffer the consequences.

Some may have already noticed how perfectly this goes along with the philosophy of Natural Law – but I believe it goes much deeper. Just keep reading!

I then thought about how I’m Vegan, and not harming any animals with my lifestyle, and trying my best to take care of my body. See, aren’t I good!?

Well, not exactly. Eating animals and animal products is ok, but you have to do it CONSCIOUSLY.

If you just shovel food into your mouth, barely tasting it or even chewing it, then force it through your digestive tract by eating more and more and more until it’s just one continuous loop from mouth to toilet… then you are not eating consciously. You are not APPRECIATING any of the things you are eating.

I mean, Lions eat baby Antelope all the time, but they do it CONSCIOUSLY. They also do it mostly in a FAIR way. They hunt, they stalk their prey, and they allow it a fair chance of survival and life. Of course even this natural balance is being disrupted by mankind’s mistreatment of the environment.

You see, all life has a right to exist. Nobody has a right to interfere with your existence without your agreement. If a Lion charged at an Antelope, and that Antelope runs, that is basically an agreement to participate in the hunting ritual. But what would happen if that Antelope stood its ground and said: NO! ?

Hmm, well, most Antelope don’t have the conscious awareness to do that. But as a human, we do!

You Have A Right To Say No

You have a right to say NO to anything you do not want in your existence. And your consciousness is powerful enough to carry out that order! Sometimes it’s as simple as getting up and leaving a situation you don’t like, but other times people might try to force you to stay. You still have the right to say NO, and you can develop the strength to do so as well.

The problem is, some people are better at exercising their consciousness than others.
For example, think of a Hypnotist. There is no magic, or spiritism, or trickery involved with REAL hypnotism. Simply put, that human has trained their consciousness to be so powerful, that even YOUR BODY will obey their commands. The power of their consciousness can actually give them authority over your body!

Remember that everything is an agreement. In a world where most are not even aware of their own bodies, and are not even aware of their own subconscious thoughts – a clear and conscious command given with power and confidence would overpower nearly any thought or action.

So yes, you have the right, and possibly even the POWER to say no to anything you do not want in your existence. I say possibly because your power depends on your habits. If you have the habit of lifting weights, then your body is capable of lifting heavy weights that most humans couldn’t dream of lifting. The same goes with your mental and conscious habits relating to the strength of your “NO”.

So how do you exercise your consciousness? Well, you do it by paying attention! The easiest and most basic way is to pay attention to your own body.
People always ask “how do I learn to love myself”? Well it all starts with being AWARE of your body! For so long I went through life unaware of my body unless it hurt or felt unusually good. But practice being aware of your body at all times. Pay attention to your toes, your lungs, your heartbeat, your armpits… just allow your conscious attention to focus on various parts of your body throughout the day.

As you grow more and more conscious of your body, you will naturally start treating yourself better, loving yourself.

Are you abusing alcohol? Drugs? Food? Sex? Body piercing? I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to make you think. Only your body can tell you what is right for your body, so don’t ask me, and don’t blame me either.

But think about this: How can you take care of another person if you don’t even take care of your own body? How can you be conscious and aware of the needs of a partner if you’re unaware of the needs of your own body?

How can you take care of a household? A company? A country? A planet?
Now we see how everything is fractal: as above, so below.
We instinctively know we cannot trust a president who is unfaithful to his own wife, and we also instinctively know that we cannot trust a leader who neglects his own body.

Life Is A Series Of Agreements!

How we honor those agreements privately, with our own bodies speaks loudly to the entire universe about how trustworthy our consciousness is.

So loving yourself starts with becoming more aware of your body. That’s also where developing true power starts.

Wait, if I can say no to anything, can I also wish anything into my existence? Can I wish for a new car, or a mansion, or a million dollars, or a dream lover?
Haha, not quite. Remember that we all AGREED to live with the limitations of a human body, and to live by the laws of this universe. To try and get something by breaking the laws of our universe would violate our agreement. Besides, living with human limitations is part of our journey, and what makes life so interesting. You only truly appreciate something when you have truly earned it.

But the word NO is much more powerful than we realize. In what way?

Nobody is allowed to violate your right to exist, and nobody is allowed to interfere with your existence in a way that you say no to.

You are only reading my words because you have agreed to. Without your agreement, my words have no power over you. Even after reading them – you can say “no” and dismiss them; eventually forgetting you ever read them.

Well, that power extends beyond the mental and into the physical.

Just as a powerful hypnotist can get your body to obey his commands: you can stop anything in this physical reality from impacting you if you speak with authority. I honestly believe you could stop a bullet from harming you, if you refused it with enough authority.

We gain that authority from this universe by living up to our agreements: starting with the smallest and most private agreement of all: to take care of our bodies.

All images are copyrighted by DJ Nicke

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