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To Arms! To Arms!


Quick rundown:

Phase I is pushing #greatawakening and #wethepeople early Wednesday morning.

When twitter kills it we switch to Phase II the #FakeNewsAwards, plus Trump should be tweeting about that during the evening (I suspect) which means it will trend no matter what. We set the ground stage for that.

Phase III can be done Wednesday night and onwards. We highjack other trending hashtags and post somewhat related images/memes to redpill unsuspecting normies.


How to make things trend on twitter:

  • We decide a #hashtag
    • voting is taking place here: http:// www.strawpoll.me/14832174/r
      • #GreatAwakening and #WeThePeople are top votes.
      • #FakeNewsAwards will be part of Phase II. Standby.
  • We pick a day and time we want this to trend
    • Wednesday morning/afternoon
  • Which means you have to begin pushing the hashtag very early in the a.m.
    • Anons should begin dropping around 4-5am EST
    • Keep dropping memes steady throughout the a.m.
    • Even if you don’t see it trending.


  • You need 2,000-3,000 unique tweets with the hashtag in a short amount of time
  • Pictures and content-rich tweets with one or two agreed upon #‘s
  • Original tweets help trend things faster than just simply retweeting things.
    • Likes don’t really count for much.
  • Tweets with a ton of hashtags sometimes don’t count because of spam filters.
    • Keep it simple and limited.
  • Follow all Q accounts, follow back all Q accounts.
    • Create your network to help retweet and comment on
  • Twitter will try to throttle it
    • We will move to Phase II when we see this happening.


  • Once twitter kills a trending hashtag it’s very hard to make it trend again.
    • It can have thousands of tweets and suddenly disappear from the trending tab.
  • #GreatAwakening and #WeThePeople are Phase I, early morning. #FakeNewsAwards happen next.
    • We will set the stage for FakeNewsAwards.
    • Trump will tweet about this which will make it trend no matter what.
  • Continue dropping examples of fake news, bad journalism, and their lies.
  • Here is a collection of memes sorted by topic:
  • Eventually, this too will die down
    > We move to Phase III


  • This will be after #FakeNewsAwards happens and dies down.
  • Throughout the rest of the night and into the next days find hashtags that are currently trending and tweet our memes and info using their #‘s
  • It helps if the memes you’re posting on a # is relevant to the subject matter.
  • You can also find large twitter accounts (celebs, journalists, people in media/politics) and reply to their new tweets with our memes/info.
    • You will get blocked, attacked, and harassed. Report the harassers and move on.
    • If you see another Q poster under attack, comment and help out. Defend each other.
  • Keep this up over the following days.
  • Remember:
    • keep things simple
    • don’t get angry and resort to personal attacks
    • and remember to always take the high ground
    • Not everyone can be saved

Is Trump MURDERING Elephants!?

That’s what the media wants us to believe, and their headlines were plastered all over social media.

But actually, it was a move planned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, headed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Commander, Ryan Zinke.

Here is the ACTUAL NOTICE that was sent out by the USFWS.

The world was made aware of this decision through this article by the African Wildlife Foundation about this decision by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke (the Navy SEAL).

When Trump found out about the proposed plan, he was rather upset – because Trump is NOT a fan of trophy hunting. This was revealed by an article in The Daily Mail back in 2012 – its not the best source of reliable news, but this quote is undeniable:

“Their father does not share the views of his sons, and the elder Donald told TMZ that ‘My sons love hunting. They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it. I am not a believer in hunting and I’m surprised they like it.'”

In the end, Trump stepped in and put a hold on this ban. Yet, people seem to miss this important point.



“President Trump called elephant hunting a “horror show” Sunday and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the practice.

Following strong bipartisan criticism of the administration’s decision to allow imports of trophy carcasses, a practice that was halted under the Obama administration, Trump moved Friday to put the imports on hold. On Sunday, Trump said on Twitter that he would announce a final decision this week. He suggested that he does not buy the argument advanced by pro-hunting advocates within his Interior Department that the imports help protect endangered African elephants.

Trump wrote that he would be “very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of Elephants or any other animal.”

The Washington Post