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Is Trump MURDERING Elephants!?

That’s what the media wants us to believe, and their headlines were plastered all over social media. But actually, it was a move planned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, headed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Commander, Ryan Zinke. Here is the ACTUAL NOTICE that was sent out by the USFWS. The world was […]

Henry Ford’s Electric Car

Did you know that Henry Ford built an electric car in 1914? He often spoke of exhaust fumes from gasoline cars causing cancer. Henry Ford also formed a company in 1916 to produce clean vegetable-based fuels for his automobiles. By 1935, his scientists had learned to produce ethanol fuel from vegetables at around $0.25 per […]

Are You A Hero?

Are you a Hero? If you believe Joseph Campbell (author of ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces’), we are all the heroes of our own personal story. But what does it mean to be a hero? This is perhaps the most important question for each of us to ask ourselves, and there are as many […]