Henry Ford’s Electric Car

Did you know that Henry Ford built an electric car in 1914?

He often spoke of exhaust fumes from gasoline cars causing cancer.

Henry Ford also formed a company in 1916 to produce clean vegetable-based fuels for his automobiles.

By 1935, his scientists had learned to produce ethanol fuel from vegetables at around $0.25 per Gallon.

Unfortunately, new oil discoveries in Oklahoma and Texas drove the price of Gasoline down to $0.15 per Gallon, and he couldn’t compete. Then WW2 solidified our dependence on cheap and easy fossil fuels.

Now we are facing serious Climate Change and shortages of fossil fuels that has lead to warfare and suffering.

Corporations and our Governments have had solutions to these problems for nearly 100 years – but we still call those who talk about such technologies and their concealment “conspiracy theorists.”

Maybe it’s time we started taking some of these conspiracy theories seriously.

Maybe the solutions to many of our modern problems are simply buried in our forgotten past, and maybe they were buried on purpose from people who have profited from our suffering.