A boat of dreams

I am currently presented with an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Most people I explain it to are convinced that it’s too good to be true, and so it must be a sham, scam, exaggeration, or misunderstanding. I’m convinced it’s genuine, but it seems I’m not completely convinced.

Part of me is freezing up and not taking action steps that I normally would have. It seems my usual unbridled energy and creativity is frozen in a sort of apprehensive emotional coma. Like Fox Mulder: “I want to believe”, but then another part of me tells myself to grow up and quit dreaming.

When thinking about it another time, I can see how this opportunity is actually perfect! I know everything is what we make it to be, but this is genuinely an opportunity to thrive by doing something I would have done anyway. It seems like a dream come true, or a literal granting of a wish!

Our culture and our society tell us those sort of opportunities don’t exist, and nobody can eat their cake and have it too – nobody can have lasting happiness. Well, what if they are wrong?

What if it was as simple as giving yourself permission to embrace the opportunity? That’s not actually so simple, since that first requires you to believe that you deserve such an opportunity. Everything from family & friends, to religion, to beauty magazine and muscle magazines, to hunting magazines or nature magazines, especially schools, sports, and even entertainment: all of these will make you feel guilty or unworthy at some point in time.

This plants a tiny seed that gets watered and fertilized slowly over time, as it steadily grows inside of us. One day, it finally bears fruit in the form of doubt, worry, fear, or guilt.

The truth is that unless you believe you deserve happiness, you will never be able to hold on to it. Once you truly and deeply believe that you do deserve happiness, nothing can take it from you.

It all begins with believing that you deserve at least a small amount of happiness, and then allowing yourself to enjoy that happiness.

Stop watering the wrong tree!

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