The US Pledges $38 Billion Aid
To Fukushima Disaster Cleanup

The US pledges $38bn aid to help Fukushima contain the nuclear disaster.

In a bold move, the US Government has agreed to send $38 Billion in foreign aid to help cleanup and repair the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read a headline like that? Why can’t we, if “we the people” truly have the power?

Instead, the US has just pledged to send $38 Billion in military aid to the Israeli Military over the next 10 years.

“I want to be very clear that we condemn in the strongest terms Palestinian violence against innocent Israeli citizens and I want to repeat once again that it is my strong belief that Israel has not just the right but an obligation to protect itself,” President Obama said.

However Obama failed to comment on violence against innocent Palestinian civilians. He also failed to mention anything about innocent Syrian civilians killed by US-led airstrikes.

Why aren’t our politicians using our tax dollars to do good in this world? For instance, did you know that Killer Whales (Orcas) are predicted to become extinct within 20 years? The whales have stopped singing, and Matriarchs seem to be dying or beaching themselves in record numbers. This is a direct result of man-made pollution (mostly industrial pollution, not hipster teenagers throwing empty Evian bottles into the sea).

To make matters worse, Pacific Orcas are seeing 100% infant mortality. That means ZERO babies are surviving. Not a single Orca calf has survived its first year since 2012! Why? Researchers believe this is a direct result of contamination leaked from the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Facility.

Why hasn’t there been a global task force assembled to help solve this problem!? Do you honestly think Israel is in more danger than our Killer Whales?

“We haven’t had any survivals in babies for a couple of years. We have had stillborns and newborns die… It’s like zero survival in birth rate here.” Howard Garrett of Orca Network said… “There was a calf born in early September that lived less than a month and that was the first calf in two years… There should be two or three births at least per year… Instead, there have been seven mortalities and no births.”  – Howard Garrett, Orca Network

A Simple Matter of Priorities

If the US Government can afford to give $38 Billion to a foreign nations military, why can we not afford to save the whales? I’ll bet that wouldn’t even cost $1 Billion – but we may never know.

Instead of sending drones with missiles into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East, why not send drones to monitor the health of Orca pods and provide assistance where we can? Instead of sending warships to the South China Sea in an attempt to intimidate China; why not send Aid ships and the US Army Corps of Engineers to Japan to help contain the Fukushima disaster?

It’s time we as a species grew up and started prioritizing where we focus our attention and where we focus our money. Our planet is dying, and we are allowing it by not speaking up and forcing our elected officials to intervene.

Fuck military intervention in Syria; I want military intervention in Fukushima. Fuck aid to Israel, I want aid to the refugees of the Syrian conflict! How about you?

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