Can you really turn your life around?

We hear that all the time, and it makes us feel good for a little while, but then reality sets back in.

Well on January 3rd, 2014 – I made the decision to turn my life around, and I invite you to join me on the wild ride as I set out to do so!

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 – what kind of state was I in back then?

First of all I was living in a foreign country: Germany.
Being a US Citizen, I didn’t speak the language, didn’t have any work contacts in Germany, and I came to the city without any friends.
I had about €4.30 left in cash, and around $18 in my Australian bank account.
Finally my rent was due on Monday, which was about €170, yet I had no way of paying that nor any way of earning that money.
Oh yeah, most of all I also wasn’t legally allowed to live and work in Germany just yet, which complicated things even more!

In addition to my financial situation, emotionally I was a wreck.
I had come to Germany chasing a girl who wasn’t right for me. Consequently in December, she broke up with me (one of many such occurrences). This left me with basically nothing. In the month of December my grandmother died, and I had to attend her funeral via phone. This was a woman whom I had personally cared for as a live-in caregiver for 8 months; and now I couldn’t even attend her funeral. In addition, my uncle also passed away. Finally one of my cousins committed suicide! All in the month of December!

Despite all this I decided I would stay in Germany, and I decided that I would become a success.

The instant I decided to change my life, I could feel a change. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t have, I started to focus on what I did have, and what I could do.
Things started coming to me like food and small job offers.

I wanted to capture that feeling and the enthusiasm I seemed to have created, and I made this video below. I also uploaded it immediately so there was undeniable proof of when and where I made that. Check it out!

The Journey Begins:

A Mental Makeover

That video was made when I was dirt poor and had no reason to believe my life would ever get better. But I CHOSE to believe that I could CREATE a better reality for myself, and I knew it all started with my thoughts and my emotions.

I’m not going to lie, things weren’t instantly amazing, and there were times when I got really down. The difference was that I always picked myself back up instead of feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in misery.

Actually, 3 months after that first video, in April 2014, I ran out of money again and consequently wasn’t going to be able to pay my rent yet again. I felt pretty down, and also a little cheated. It seemed I was doing all the right things: staying positive, working hard toward my goals, being generous and sharing whatever I had to share… So why was I back in this same situation again!?

One Friday morning I broke down and tearfully dropped to my knees, once again crying alone in my room. I wasn’t giving up, I was just tired of struggling. I know life will always have struggles, but I’ve struggled enough for now! Give me some enjoyment! I prayed, not to any specific person or deity, I just prayed as a way of focusing my thoughts and emotions.

That afternoon, my prayers were literally answered! I was given €500 CASH for a project, and that paid my rent and food for the next month! It also lead to more projects that kept me never having to worry too much about food or money again. In fact, I had even managed to earn free coffee for a year at a coffee roasters near my house, so I was even enjoying the finer things in life.

Then in May 2014 I was invited for an all expenses paid trip to Copenhagen!
Also, in June 2014 I was taken on an all expenses paid trip to Tuscany, Italy!

Honestly, I had never even dreamed of such things as a possibility before they happened, yet they did! Finally it was cemented in my mind that being happy, positive, generous, and active, will always lead to good results.

The lesson for you is: allow yourself to feel down, but don’t stay there. Stay positive and active, no matter what happens.

I recorded another video just after I returned from Tuscany (June 10th, 2014) to capture the feelings and excitement of my new life. Check it out:

A Major Breakthrough

Maybe this stuff works…

So was it all wine and roses after this video? No.

I still had to go through a final and terrible breakup with my then girlfriend, I had to cut several new friends out of my life, and I even had to cut my own parents out of my life for a little while as I went through my caterpillar-like metamorphosis.

It was difficult, and it was painful, but the end result is beyond what I ever even imagined. Which is what I want to express to you:

Yes, you can change your life, but it won’t be fast and it won’t always be pleasant.

One of the best things that I did for my own personal growth was to start a Mastermind Group. Why? Because it helped keep me focused even when my life was chaotic.

That might sound intimidating or complicated, but it’s really just a weekly meeting with a few like-minded individuals. Every week, we catch up for 1-2 hours and we discuss our goals, our roadblocks, and we offer each other feedback, guidance, and advice.

This is something you can do right now! Try to find 2-3 people who are your peers – similar situation, or heading in the direction that you want to head. Then arrange a weekly meeting, even if it’s just on Skype. We also use Google Documents to keep track of our goals, and everyone is held accountable for their action or inaction.

Did it all help to change my life? Well, check out this video I made on August 29th, 2016

The Final Transformation?

My life is still a work in progress, and who knows what adventures tomorrow will bring! One thing I’ve learned for sure is that our life is what we make it.

If you sit back and just accept whatever life throws at you, then that’s what you’ll get. However, if you DECIDE what you want in life and CHOOSE which path you want to follow, then you just might get what you want; provided you’re willing to stick with it and not give up until you have it.

So this is my gift to you; the reader. You no longer have to wonder if you really can change your life because I’m telling you: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

All you have to do is decide what kind of life you want, and work towards it every day. No matter how big or small, take a step towards the life you want every day (I prefer small steps, so it took me longer than I expected).

Oh yeah, one more thing. This is something that I am still learning, and advice that came to me at a point where I thought I couldn’t go on any further:

Enjoy The Journey.

I look forward to reading Your story one day!

-DJ Nicke

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  1. Deb Nicke
    Deb Nicke says:

    This is powerful, DJ. I can almost relate to how you existed in the very first video. My life is pretty much that bad, in my opinion. I’m so happy your life has turned around and so much more positive! I will try a “Mental Makeover” for myself. Thanks for sharing, DJ! Love You!!

    • djnicke
      djnicke says:

      Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that you are in such a bad situation. I’m also sorry that we didn’t make time to visit you when we were over there. But please do work hard to keep your thoughts positive! It truly makes all the difference in the world. If you ever need to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


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