Decide What You Want From Life


1 month ago (April 2013), I sat down and wrote out my definite major purpose. I wrote that I wanted to be in London by the end of May.

At the time I wrote those words, I had no idea how I would achieve this. I had no idea when. But I BELIEVED it would happen.

Every day I would remind myself of this goal, and I took small steps toward that goal every day.

I STOPPED BEING AFRAID! I stopped asking myself “what if it doesn’t happen?”

Today, I write this from my room in London – May 18th. I’m ahead of schedule!


Decide what you want. Write it down. Repeat it to yourself daily, many times each day! Then get to work on it.

Stop filling your mind with advertising and entertainment. Take control of your mind and fill it with your own dreams, goals and desires.

We can live the life of our dreams if we turn our dreams into goals; into a definite purpose for our lives.

Close Facebook. Pick up a pen. Write out your biggest dream. Do it right now!